Accounting Outsourcing

We have team of experts
to assist in every arena


Preparation of Books of Accounts & Financial Statements

CFO ONE can assist you in preparation of ‘Entire books of accounts’ onsite or offsite. Further, we will can also prepare Financial Statements required for the purpose of statutory audit, Group reporting, reporting to investors, projections for future for term loan or working capital loan. You can also rely on us and completely or partly outsource your P2P and O2C processes.

Co-ordinating and Getting The Statutory Audit Done From Your Auditors

Statutory audit is a seasonal thing and every year CFO of virtual CFO and accounting manager has to spend high amount of extra hours to get the audit done.

Upon outsourcing, our dedicated resource can assist you, that you focus on your core business and “getting the audit done” leave on us.

CFO ONE can prepare all the information required by auditors and provide all explanations, and include our consulting experience.

Internal Audit

We provide internal audit services on concurrent or ad-hoc basis and on-site or off-site.


CFO ONE can assist you in conducting various kind of, onsite or offsite reconciliation, such as

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Receivable ledger reconciliation
  • Payable ledger reconciliation
  • Tax ledger reconciliation
  • Revenue and Purchase reconciliation between operating system and accounting system

Accounting Compliance Support

In todays globalized world a CFO is expected not only to prepare the books of accounts as per prescribed local standards but also need to do other compliance required by the stakeholders. Some examples are:
  • Information to stock exchange, SEBI, Foreign parent company.
  • Group to local GAAP conversion
  • Chart of Accounts mapping with Group

Ind AS- Impact, Conversion and Support

Implementing of Ind AS is next big thing on platter of CFO, and we are happy to assist you in impact study, conversion and implementation.


  • Statutory Audit
  • Tax Audit
  • Reconciliation of Accounts/ Receivable
  • Training of employees in respect of accounting and financial matters
  • Verification of fixed asset and inventories